23 09 2011

This is a really cool series of short docos that showcases the music scenes in some of the most influential cities in the world. Each week Resident Advisor visits a city that has a reputation for its underground music culture.

This is the latest one – Berlin.

Check out the first two after the jump!

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13 09 2011

Here is my latest mixtape. Its a demo I did to try and get a spot in the chill stage at next years Rainbow Serpent Festival. Thought Id try something different considering I’ve been listening to some very very ambient stuff of late.

Have a listen and tell me what you think. Its pretty mellow so maybe sit back, close your eyes and relax…

Peak Time Yoga Mixtape


13 09 2011

Everyone loves Boba Fett…

This one is by Randall Mackey aka ‘Enmisery-Comodidad’...


And this one is by Fauji M. Bardah aka BAKART…


8 09 2011

This is so rad. Arto Saari, Steve Cab, Lance Mountain and Christian Hosoi!!! Can’t get better than that!


5 09 2011

Cool prism-esque illustration of Superman by LIAM BRAZIER.