26 10 2011

Its been awhile since I last went to a concert. And the timing couldn’t better with DEF LEPPARD playing in Melbourne last Saturday.

Supported by The Choirboys and HEART, it was every middle aged bogan’s wet dream come true! Wasn’t really interested in The Choirboys at all, but thought Heart was pretty good and that the band was tight and they could still sing albeit being much much older and wider… 😉

Def Leppard….well…they sounded every bit like their albums and like Heart, they were very tight and could still hit all the high notes without any audio manipulation.

I didn’t bring a camera because I wanted to test that 8 megapixle camera on the new iPhone 4s, but I guess no phone camera is gonna be any decent point & shoot in flashing and lowlight situations at a live show.

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25 10 2011

…or better known as K.I.T.T.

This would have been The Hoff’s view for most of the 80’s. Pretty damn awesome now, let alone back in the day. I mean, which other car had  ‘turbo boost’ to make it fly?

Clicky the piccy for bigger image….

Pic by Luis Gispert


24 10 2011

He is the best. I reckon if he had some martial arts skills, he would easily beat down Chuck Norris.


24 10 2011

This looks super duper fun! I wonder if there is one in Aus….


19 10 2011

I love her.


 Check out her official WEBSITE!


19 10 2011


12 10 2011

I went with Woody today to pick up his new truck that he bought from the US. Its a 1977 Dodge d100 Power Wagon – also known as a ‘Macho Power Wagon’. V8 4WD Column Shift Auto and it was in immaculate condition! What more do you want?! So sick! Just like in Simon & Simon on TV in the 80’s…