26 10 2011

Its been awhile since I last went to a concert. And the timing couldn’t better with DEF LEPPARD playing in Melbourne last Saturday.

Supported by The Choirboys and HEART, it was every middle aged bogan’s wet dream come true! Wasn’t really interested in The Choirboys at all, but thought Heart was pretty good and that the band was tight and they could still sing albeit being much much older and wider… 😉

Def Leppard….well…they sounded every bit like their albums and like Heart, they were very tight and could still hit all the high notes without any audio manipulation.

I didn’t bring a camera because I wanted to test that 8 megapixle camera on the new iPhone 4s, but I guess no phone camera is gonna be any decent point & shoot in flashing and lowlight situations at a live show.



I tried my very best to get a pic of Rick Allen (the famed one arm drummer), but to no avail. It was so very awesome to finally see and hear his work live. He puts many able bodied drummers to shame…

I also make a habit of buying a concert tee with the dates on the back – a little something to remind me  what shows Ive gone to. So you can imagine how many Ive accumulated over the years of trying to tick off my bucket list of bands that I grew up loving. But of all the concert tees I have, this Def Leppard one has got to be the ugliest band tee shirt ever produced!!! Im sure you agree. Who the hell makes a rock tee shirt in yellow???!!!




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