30 11 2011

Dope! “X-Wing” by Vlad Kupriyenko aka Duke.



28 11 2011

Im really excited to announce that Im supporting Sascha Ring aka APPARAT this Friday. For those who are wondering who this person is – he’s one of the finest (electronic music) producers to come out of Germany in the last decade. I have a number of his records from back in the day and they are all quality techno numbers, but with an intelligent twist. Most of them are not your run-of-the-mill dance floor filler type tracks, but there is something about his production thats different and cool.

As of late he has been doing some work with a rad duo called – MODESELEKTOR, and together they are MODERAT. Musically, its mostly glitch inspired stuff. Much slower than techno, but just as awesome.

If you’re in Melbourne and are looking for something to do Friday night -come check this out. More details in the Facebook Page link below…




28 11 2011

…this song?! Awesome!

My Boo – Ghost Town DJ’s


21 11 2011

Tonight if you’re in Melbourne!

Come have a birthday drink with me…


15 11 2011

For those of you who like animated superheroes. Out now on the cartoon network…



14 11 2011

There was a local wonton eating competition the other day at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. A couple of buddies decided that they would give it a go and now they have made the finals! Here is the heat they came in. 63 wontons in 4 minutes. Amazing. Way to go Grayza!



10 11 2011

Yeah I know its a dirty word these days. But so is everything that is ‘IN’ at the moment. Always has been. Until the next dirty word comes around.

The genre has gone commercial in the last couple of years and I think people are quick to stereotype it as the one sound.

Ive never really been a fan of Dub music. I don’t mind some of it but its not the first thing I reach for at the record shop. Dub-step is supposedly the evolution of dub, but most ‘dub-step’ doesn’t even sound remotely like dub. And maybe thats why in the last few years I have discovered a great interest in this genre. That it is not just THE one sound.

This is my latest mix under a new moniker that I have been wanting to use for awhile now with my low slung down tempo projects. Enjoy.