27 02 2012

Sometimes watching skate vids can be a little boring. But every now and then someone comes up with some really original and creative stuff….like this guy – William Spencer. So rad.

EDIT!!! – The original video I posted was removed by the user….so i found a couple of other ones including one with him doing some free running…



26 02 2012

DJ M.A.F.I.A., Brett Boogie and myself are starting up a new Sunday afternoon session @ The George on Fitzroy St St. Kilda real soon. Gonna be a relaxed afternoon of beats, party jams and cheesy hip-hop….so the flyer says anyways. Come check it out sometime…


22 02 2012

Well…not really…but I did wear these out to two festivals this year. Both times I thought were gonna rain, but didn’t. I had tested them before walking to work in the pouring rain, and my feet were 100% dry. So I was really looking forward to giving em a go in some mud…

Either way, other than the fact that these are some of the best looking NIKE ACG’s to come out in awhile, they are also super comfy and best of all – weatherproof!



22 02 2012

I saw this the other day and Im not quite sure what it means. I liked it not only cos it has my name on it, but I love being a homebody as well. I guess thats what it means…or could mean?

A lot of my mates always question my wanting to be home all the time. Hey I pay rent and spend money and time making home as comfortable for me as possible….why would I want to be anywhere else???!!!


So ‘Phil’ has kindly informed me that this is the title to a 4 part test series…something the producers made to try and get their foot into actually making shows for television. You can check it out after the jump and see what you think. Thanks Phil!

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20 02 2012

Another new mix. This is a recording of the first couple of hours of my Thursday dinner set from Colonel Tan’sRevolver Upstairs.

It was the week before The Rainbow Serpent Festival – so the first hour especially is a little ambient and chilled because I had been preparing for my ‘Chill Stage’ set at the festival. It gets a little more ‘friendly’ towards the end…probably because the restaurant was filling up by then.

I also used this as a demo for some quirky event the Melbourne Museum was gonna do. Unfortunately they couldn’t afford me in the end … 😉

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. Great for a mellow morning/recovery or if you just wanna chill the fuck out!


15 02 2012

My fellow Malaysian JOSIAH NG, is one of the fastest guys on a track bike in Asia if not the world. Based in Melbourne to train with the rest of the Malaysian National track cycling team, Josiah has just returned from the ASIAN 2012 TRACK CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIPS a winner in the Keirin division. Check out the YouTube below of his performance…MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

FUN FACT :- The coach of the Malaysian track team is a guy called John Beasley. So happens John is my wife Sooz’s mum’s cousin – which makes him her uncle. Therefore Im indirectly related to the coach of the Malaysian team!


13 02 2012

They released this trailer during the Super Bowl ad breaks. Looks so so awesome!

Did someone say they have a ‘HULK’…???!!! FUCK YEAH!