27 03 2012

Spaghetti Bolognese is a staple food in Australia. I think its the most cooked meal (or the second?) in this country.

Meat Pies is the other.

So why not put two and two together and …

Well. Im not sure. I tried one of these on the weekend and it wasn’t bad….but I don’t think it was good either. So far only one out of every 10 people I mention it too has said it was gross.

What do YOU think?



20 03 2012

Nike Air Direct Flight – Circa 1992


20 03 2012

These two pics were taken last month when M.A.F.I.A. rang me up to come hang with some of Erykah Badu’s crew the day after their Melbourne show. I didn’t make it to the show, but I did know who these two were. This guy below so happens to be Rashad White – someone who’s work with a lot of the artists responsible for the music in the golden age of hip-hop. He’s also Erykah’s official tour DJ.

This other guy below is Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat. On top of being part f Erykah’s ensemble, he is also a respected musician and producer in his own right – being signed to Ninja Tunes and all that. I asked him why ‘Thundercat’ and he said quietly … “Just look at me dude…”. He had Thundercat tattoos on both arms, logo on one hand, log belt buckle, fan t-shirt and feathers coming out one side of his head. Still didn’t answer my question tho..


20 03 2012

Had to post this even tho I’ve posted an earlier trailer already. This one is the official full-length trailer. So good.


14 03 2012

Im sure most of you have seen this poster in the last couple of years or so. I didn’t know what it really mean or where it came from until I saw this vid. You should too. Its def worth 2 minutes of your life.


9 03 2012

Miss Libertine in Melbourne is closing her doors for the last time after 5 years of debauchery. One of this towns better venues for just about everything from cabaret shows, to punk bands, international superstar dj’s and even topless steak nights – this place is gonna be missed sorely.

So to go out with a bang, the venue is holding 2 weekends worth of parties. The official last call for Miss Libertine is on tomorrow, with all the DJ’s who represent the different crews that hold the main nights of the month. If you’re a Melbournite, I don’t really have to convince you. But for those who don’t normally frequent the place – try and come to say goodbye for one last time. Ill be playing at some stage in the afternoon.


7 03 2012

New Balance x HAZE 574