22 05 2012

So you might have noticed that I haven’t been posting much or at all in the last few weeks. Things have been getting a little hectic and Ive been trying to get to bed earlier than I normally do so I don’t waste my mornings in bed. Along with a host of other activities that I have dwelled more into, I seem to be on the internet less and less – with the exception of scanning through social media via mobile devices. I guess until blogs are easier to update on your phone, things are gonna be a little slow on this blog for the next few months. At least until I come home from holidays in June. Then I think I will make an effort again into being consistent with my updates.

For the time being if you’re not getting enough of me – you can follow me on…

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I’ll leave you with this trailer of the old Arnie movie – Total Recall. A movie with Colin Feral, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel? I’ll be the first one there!!!


7 05 2012

I don’t know why someone would make an edit like this. Maybe its’ to point out how cool action heroes look when they land from a jump this way.

Justin Timberlake FTW! You’ll get it after you watch the whole thing…


2 05 2012

A bit late on the uptake, but this is the first hour or so of my set on the chill stage @ Rainbow Serpent this year. There was a whole lot of equipment change and dodgy wiring at the start of my set cos of lousy equipment, so its a little wobbly in bits. But I think its salvageable…kinda.

A few of the songs you’ve probably heard a few times in my sets – but hey, I like em. Hope you do to.


2 05 2012

I had the chance to play at the newly refurbished Carlton Club last weekend at the Puma x Snkr Frkr Bunyip shoe launch.  

And this was the DJ booth.



2 05 2012

Just like the Avengers Movie Trailers, this just keeps getting better and better!!!

Check the last one HERE!