Chinese by race, Malaysian by nationality and German by name. I came to Melbourne in the mid 90’s and pretty much never went home. A first generation skateboarder from Malaysia who ended up traveling and competing around the world on in-line skates. Maybe a case of the wrong place at the right time?

The discovery of rave parties lead to the accumulation of music which turned into spinning records at underground parties for a few years. Not content on looking for regular gigs around town, I found 3 other like minded souls and we established the now retired Beats Working Crew. Specializing in breaks and building a resume filled with gigs at every major and minor breaks party in the state of Victoria, we threw almost 100 parties in 5 years and established a solid fan base as well as made lots of good friends.

These days I can be found at weekly residencies around town playing marathon sets of commercial party jams to Melbourne’s general populous. You can also find me at the odd techno//electro/breaks parties and also at annual gatherings like the Rainbow Serpent Festival. My love is for tech, but I tend to specialize in fun commercial stuff – blending the old with the new. I might not be your cup of tea, but I have learnt to please the majority. If you have to label the sound that I do, it would be called “POP WITH A TWIST”.

I also have a sickening love for the sneaker culture. Yes you read right. Some people obsess over cars or jewellery, I go nuts over sneakers. Have been for the last 20 years and I think I always will be. Working for Sneaker Freaker Magazine during the week does not help my cause.

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18 09 2009

hey… cant find your email addy (and gmail is blocked for me from work) so i figured id leave this as a comment.
this is the bike bag i was talking about… it looks like the price has gone up a little since i got it, but i fully back groundeffect and their stuff. they stand behind all of it and are super rad to deal with.

28 10 2010

hey Hans,
don´t ask me how i found your blog but suddenly i thought i know this guy!
you might remember, im gregor from munich, we spent some time on skates. big time. how are you. its been ages …

take care

16 12 2010
Cam Bloomfield

Howdy Hans,
Stumble across your wordpress as well mate. Nice work
“If yours is Pop with a tist”, mine would have to be danceable beats wit instru-mental treats”
Chat soon

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