7 05 2012

I don’t know why someone would make an edit like this. Maybe its’ to point out how cool action heroes look when they land from a jump this way.

Justin Timberlake FTW! You’ll get it after you watch the whole thing…



2 05 2012

I had the chance to play at the newly refurbished Carlton Club last weekend at the Puma x Snkr Frkr Bunyip shoe launch.  

And this was the DJ booth.



7 04 2012

Prom Themed Easter Sunday Party @ Section 8!

Dress up in your worst formal garb and come listen to some one-hit-wonders, as well as some cringe worthy songs – you know its gonna be a blast!!!


6 03 2012

Today I got to meet one of my childhood skating heroes. The Adidas skate team was in town headed by the one and only MARK GONZALES, I knew it was those once in a lifetime chances to get to see ‘The Gonz’, so I made my way to Riverside Skatepark to catch the demo the team was putting on.

Was a pretty big turnout and there were around 10 of them in the team, but the demo was a little lacklustre as only a handful of skaters were ripping. The one that ripped the hardest I reckon was Dennis Busenitz. He pretty much stole the show everytime he skated…except for when The Gonz come on.

At the end of the day, there was more goofing off than tricks from Gonz, but no one really cared as most were just stoked to see him in the flesh. He didn’t do anything mind-blowing, but whatever he did came with his signature style, flow and awkwardness. He might be pushing the years, but he’s still one cool cat!

Hit the jump for a few more action shots taken with my trusty IXUS120…

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5 03 2012

Most would say he is old news, but Shepard Fairey would still have to be one of my most favourite artists. I like how uniformed everything is and 90% of his work is always in the same colours. Call me boring but I like it like that.

So when they announced a collaboration with InCase, I knew I had to have a piece. So I went with this. Obey x Elephants = No brainer.



27 02 2012

Sometimes watching skate vids can be a little boring. But every now and then someone comes up with some really original and creative stuff….like this guy – William Spencer. So rad.

EDIT!!! – The original video I posted was removed by the user….so i found a couple of other ones including one with him doing some free running…


1 02 2012

I don’t really get many presents at my age. Hell I didn’t even get one for Christmas or even my birthday.

So it would be nice if I got this rug from someone or even a group of friends as a surprise.

I would like the big one, but the smaller one will also be a pleasant surprise. Thanks in advance.

Its available HERE!