13 09 2011

Everyone loves Boba Fett…

This one is by Randall Mackey aka ‘Enmisery-Comodidad’...


And this one is by Fauji M. Bardah aka BAKART…



15 02 2011

There are so many parody Star Wars things out these days. From fan made movies, to artist impressions to toys – no stone is left unturned or is considered sacred when it comes to someones personal expression of the subject.

Some are better than others. But some are really clever and awesome. Like these movie posters.

Hit the jump for separate full size posters of the three…

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28 10 2009

Timex and Marc Ecko are coming out with some watches that are Star Wars themed. Now when I first heard I thought “Ecko – Pfft!”. I had a coupleof Timex’s when I was a kid and I know they made some pretty good timepieces, but I was never ever into the Ecko brand. Until maybe when these watches drop.

Here are the two models that have been leaked by Marc Ecko himself. The Boba Fett one doesn’t look finished. The Stormtrooper one on the other hand kicks some serious ass!



Couple more pics of both models after the jump.

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