2 05 2012

I had the chance to play at the newly refurbished Carlton Club last weekend at the Puma x Snkr Frkr Bunyip shoe launch.  

And this was the DJ booth.




20 03 2012

These two pics were taken last month when M.A.F.I.A. rang me up to come hang with some of Erykah Badu’s crew the day after their Melbourne show. I didn’t make it to the show, but I did know who these two were. This guy below so happens to be Rashad White – someone who’s work with a lot of the artists responsible for the music in the golden age of hip-hop. He’s also Erykah’s official tour DJ.

This other guy below is Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat. On top of being part f Erykah’s ensemble, he is also a respected musician and producer in his own right – being signed to Ninja Tunes and all that. I asked him why ‘Thundercat’ and he said quietly … “Just look at me dude…”. He had Thundercat tattoos on both arms, logo on one hand, log belt buckle, fan t-shirt and feathers coming out one side of his head. Still didn’t answer my question tho..


25 07 2011

I keep saying this and Ill keep saying it. Im pretty lucky to be in the circles I am because Im consistently meeting artists, personalities and celebrities. Last Friday was no different as I got to have lunch with Dj and producer – JESSE TITTSWORTH. 


Most of the people of any stature I meet are really nice. Sometimes they are nice because they have to be, but most of the time they are generally nice. But Jesse was extra cool. Great personality and easy to speak to with just about anything. Another thing that I didn’t know was that Jesse is crazy about tattoos. I knew he had a few, but I never knew he had a complete back piece done!

What really impressed me tho was that he had just been to KL, and tried the king of fruits – The Durian. He though it was such an experience that he decided to get a durian tattoo!!! Now thats pretty cool. I don’t think in my entire life I have seen or even heard a mention of anyone getting or wanting to get a tattoo of this fruit…

Make sure you check out his website HERE!!


1 03 2011

My long time friend and ex-housemate JAMES NEWMAN has been into photography since I can remember. He was always the one documenting our skating adventures and was always the only one with a camera of some sort wherever we went. So its no surprise that he takes pictures for a living these days.

I put him in touch recently with the guys who distribute AiAiAi head/earphones in Australia because he had this idea of this shot with a dismantled headphone. I thought what better headphone to use than the awesome TMA-1’s that I am using at the moment and have been extremely happy with. 6 months down the track of at least 20 hours a week of use and they still look and work brilliantly!

This is the photo James took. Dope!

Check out James Newman’s site HERE!


14 09 2010

My review after the jump…

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