20 03 2012

These two pics were taken last month when M.A.F.I.A. rang me up to come hang with some of Erykah Badu’s crew the day after their Melbourne show. I didn’t make it to the show, but I did know who these two were. This guy below so happens to be Rashad White – someone who’s work with a lot of the artists responsible for the music in the golden age of hip-hop. He’s also Erykah’s official tour DJ.

This other guy below is Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat. On top of being part f Erykah’s ensemble, he is also a respected musician and producer in his own right – being signed to Ninja Tunes and all that. I asked him why ‘Thundercat’ and he said quietly … “Just look at me dude…”. He had Thundercat tattoos on both arms, logo on one hand, log belt buckle, fan t-shirt and feathers coming out one side of his head. Still didn’t answer my question tho..