20 02 2012

Another new mix. This is a recording of the first couple of hours of my Thursday dinner set from Colonel Tan’sRevolver Upstairs.

It was the week before The Rainbow Serpent Festival – so the first hour especially is a little ambient and chilled because I had been preparing for my ‘Chill Stage’ set at the festival. It gets a little more ‘friendly’ towards the end…probably because the restaurant was filling up by then.

I also used this as a demo for some quirky event the Melbourne Museum was gonna do. Unfortunately they couldn’t afford me in the end … 😉

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. Great for a mellow morning/recovery or if you just wanna chill the fuck out!



7 02 2012

This is JIM COLES aka OM-UNIT. He hails from the UK and makes some pretty sexy beats. Met him on the weekend where The Operatives managed to convince him to play a set at a warehouse party while he was on holidays in Melbourne. Super nice guy and bloody tall as well…

Check out his SoundCloud page HERE!


11 01 2012

The Flying Lotus @ Summadayze 2012



28 11 2011

Im really excited to announce that Im supporting Sascha Ring aka APPARAT this Friday. For those who are wondering who this person is – he’s one of the finest (electronic music) producers to come out of Germany in the last decade. I have a number of his records from back in the day and they are all quality techno numbers, but with an intelligent twist. Most of them are not your run-of-the-mill dance floor filler type tracks, but there is something about his production thats different and cool.

As of late he has been doing some work with a rad duo called – MODESELEKTOR, and together they are MODERAT. Musically, its mostly glitch inspired stuff. Much slower than techno, but just as awesome.

If you’re in Melbourne and are looking for something to do Friday night -come check this out. More details in the Facebook Page link below…




2 11 2011

Another weekend, another dj/producer + me shot. This time its French glitch hop meistro ONRA, dubstep champion SILKIE and also one half of duo INSTRAMENTAL – JON CONVEX.

All three played at last weekend’s Operatives ‘Espionage’ party and produced some really decent music. I love going to parties where I don’t recognise any of the tunes. Awesome.


Silkie, Myself, Random Manga Chick, Jon Convex

Silkie in action…


1 11 2011

This is gonna be worth every minute of the 6 you’re gonna need to watch this. It totally blew me away!

So very awesome! Thanks JT for the linkage!

DJ Fly from France. 2008 DMC World Champion.



13 09 2011

Here is my latest mixtape. Its a demo I did to try and get a spot in the chill stage at next years Rainbow Serpent Festival. Thought Id try something different considering I’ve been listening to some very very ambient stuff of late.

Have a listen and tell me what you think. Its pretty mellow so maybe sit back, close your eyes and relax…

Peak Time Yoga Mixtape