26 02 2012

DJ M.A.F.I.A., Brett Boogie and myself are starting up a new Sunday afternoon session @ The George on Fitzroy St St. Kilda real soon. Gonna be a relaxed afternoon of beats, party jams and cheesy hip-hop….so the flyer says anyways. Come check it out sometime…



20 02 2012

Another new mix. This is a recording of the first couple of hours of my Thursday dinner set from Colonel Tan’sRevolver Upstairs.

It was the week before The Rainbow Serpent Festival – so the first hour especially is a little ambient and chilled because I had been preparing for my ‘Chill Stage’ set at the festival. It gets a little more ‘friendly’ towards the end…probably because the restaurant was filling up by then.

I also used this as a demo for some quirky event the Melbourne Museum was gonna do. Unfortunately they couldn’t afford me in the end … 😉

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. Great for a mellow morning/recovery or if you just wanna chill the fuck out!


5 02 2012

So I finally got a gig playing at an official Rainbow Serpent Afterparty – supporting two of the biggest names in techno at the moment. Really excited about this one cos not only am I on the bill, Im also playing right before the internationals…!!!


2 12 2011

If you’re southside tonight and got not much planned – come check out some new artwork being put up at Revolver Upstairs. Colonel Tan’s is also open so you can grab a meal if you’re hungry…


10 11 2011

Yeah I know its a dirty word these days. But so is everything that is ‘IN’ at the moment. Always has been. Until the next dirty word comes around.

The genre has gone commercial in the last couple of years and I think people are quick to stereotype it as the one sound.

Ive never really been a fan of Dub music. I don’t mind some of it but its not the first thing I reach for at the record shop. Dub-step is supposedly the evolution of dub, but most ‘dub-step’ doesn’t even sound remotely like dub. And maybe thats why in the last few years I have discovered a great interest in this genre. That it is not just THE one sound.

This is my latest mix under a new moniker that I have been wanting to use for awhile now with my low slung down tempo projects. Enjoy.


1 11 2011

Another mix completed. Pretty happy with this one. One of the sounds that I have been playing of late. Some call it balkan house, most call it carnival techno. Some say its bordering on cheesy, but I like it for now. To me it represents the current evolution of (club) techno.

Hope you like it!


11 10 2011