23 04 2012

Great ad.

Make sure you tell your mum you love her.



22 02 2012

I saw this the other day and Im not quite sure what it means. I liked it not only cos it has my name on it, but I love being a homebody as well. I guess thats what it means…or could mean?

A lot of my mates always question my wanting to be home all the time. Hey I pay rent and spend money and time making home as comfortable for me as possible….why would I want to be anywhere else???!!!


So ‘Phil’ has kindly informed me that this is the title to a 4 part test series…something the producers made to try and get their foot into actually making shows for television. You can check it out after the jump and see what you think. Thanks Phil!

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27 11 2009

Spotted at the Melbourne Museum the other day…