9 03 2012

Miss Libertine in Melbourne is closing her doors for the last time after 5 years of debauchery. One of this towns better venues for just about everything from cabaret shows, to punk bands, international superstar dj’s and even topless steak nights – this place is gonna be missed sorely.

So to go out with a bang, the venue is holding 2 weekends worth of parties. The official last call for Miss Libertine is on tomorrow, with all the DJ’s who represent the different crews that hold the main nights of the month. If you’re a Melbournite, I don’t really have to convince you. But for those who don’t normally frequent the place – try and come to say goodbye for one last time. Ill be playing at some stage in the afternoon.



30 11 2010

You know when you watch the English Premier League, and you hear the supporters singing – but you can’t really make out what they are saying cos the sound is all drowned out?

Well, now I know.