7 05 2012

I don’t know why someone would make an edit like this. Maybe its’ to point out how cool action heroes look when they land from a jump this way.

Justin Timberlake FTW! You’ll get it after you watch the whole thing…


6 03 2012

Danny MacAskill would have to be one of the best, if not THE best freestyle bike rider there is at the moment. His tricks are always accurate, precise, mind blowing and most of all – breathtaking. His ‘no fear’ style of amalgamating trails and street with freestyle is so creative, It makes me feel stupid sometimes. Anyways, you would have seen the many videos over the last 24 months of this guy just ripping everything he hits.

This edit is pretty much ‘a-day-in-a-life’ type deal. Checkit.


27 02 2012

Sometimes watching skate vids can be a little boring. But every now and then someone comes up with some really original and creative stuff….like this guy – William Spencer. So rad.

EDIT!!! – The original video I posted was removed by the user….so i found a couple of other ones including one with him doing some free running…


8 11 2011

Im sure you have seen pictures of 3D pavement art around in the last few years. Some of them are so good that they actually look real.

This recent one caught my eye. Not sure which festival its from but damn…thats some skill!!!


24 10 2011

He is the best. I reckon if he had some martial arts skills, he would easily beat down Chuck Norris.


5 10 2011

This one is for my buddy Raksaksa….


13 09 2011

Everyone loves Boba Fett…

This one is by Randall Mackey aka ‘Enmisery-Comodidad’...


And this one is by Fauji M. Bardah aka BAKART…