7 05 2012

I don’t know why someone would make an edit like this. Maybe its’ to point out how cool action heroes look when they land from a jump this way.

Justin Timberlake FTW! You’ll get it after you watch the whole thing…



27 06 2011

This is the second trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie. Can’t wait! Watched X-Men – First Class the other day and totally loved it! I really hope hollywood keeps up the momentum with these superhero awesomeness.


6 09 2010

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22 06 2010

One of Melbourne’s best street artist MEGGS is having another show in town at the end of the month. Also one of the nicest guys around, I have personally known him for a few years now. Not as MEGGS the artist but Dave the graphic design guy who used to share an office with Sneaker Freaker. I only found out that Dave was actually the infamous MEGGS when I turned up at his first show. When I asked why he never said anything, he simply told me that I never asked. Fair enough I guess.

Make sure you take some time out of your coming weeks to go and have a look.