27 03 2012

Spaghetti Bolognese is a staple food in Australia. I think its the most cooked meal (or the second?) in this country.

Meat Pies is the other.

So why not put two and two together and …

Well. Im not sure. I tried one of these on the weekend and it wasn’t bad….but I don’t think it was good either. So far only one out of every 10 people I mention it too has said it was gross.

What do YOU think?



8 02 2012

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a staple food for anyone hailing from Malaysia and/or Singapore. I’ve discovered a few good places in Melbourne over the years who do good chicken rice, but I keep going back to the one place all the time.

Its called Oriental Wok and is located smack in the middle of the city. This is a no frills place where the dining experience is pretty much non-existent. I seem to  get along with the grumpy old chinese lady behind the counter, although most will find her short and rude. The place is normally messy and used dishes are strewn all over the place because its pretty much just the old lady and her husband running the show.

There are other things to order at this place, but everyone only orders the Hainanese Chicken rice. For me it is the closest to the authentic ones they serve back home. You can ask for extra rice or extra chicken, and the soup has so much MSG in it, you’ll end up with a dry mouth after the meal but strangely wanting more…!!!

So do yourself a favour if you’re a fan of this dish and try it here. Don’t expect any decent service and I wouldn’t bring my first date here, but I can promise you’ll be more than satisfied with the chicken rice.

ORIENTAL WOK – 15 The Causeway , Melbourne, VIC 3000


4 07 2011